When your partner becomes your boss

It is not easy to take the leap in the company and take on more responsibilities. It is the moment in which in many cases your partner becomes your boss and coexistence is not always simple. Because until yesterday you were, so to speak, on the same side of the trench. But now he has to assume a different role.

The reality is that something that paves the way and acceptance of such appointment is whether it is a fair decision or not . In the first case it is assumed as something natural. They have been awarded their skills, effort or have a more appropriate training than that of other colleagues. Although in other cases, however fair it may be, envy will make us enemies among our own companions.

Being good at your job does not automatically make you a good boss

Now what you have to evaluate is whether, besides being good at your job, it is also good to coordinate the work of others. And this does not always happen. Will Peter’s principle be fulfilled ? The reality is that many times being very good as a base worker does not make us good as a manager. The popular saying to know how to send a thing must be known to do it before, it is a necessary condition but not enough.

The reality is that your position is now different. And surely they will have to make decisions that will be unpopular at times. The responsibility charge many times what it has is that it forces us to be the link in the transmission of a decision that is often imposed. The important thing is to know how to explain the reasons for this decision when necessary.

Knowing how to lead those who until yesterday were our companions is not an easy task

In this way we will have the support of those who until now were our companions . If we distance ourselves and act as we did not long ago to the same boss that we may also criticize, we become more of them. If we do not know how to lead, the support of our colleagues will not be eternal.

It is important to find a way to communicate with the team . That they know that by the ascent we have not stopped being part of the same one. Now we are in a position of coordination, but when it comes to setting an example we are the first. We are also there to help and get the chestnuts out of the fire to our team, supporting when someone gets stuck in a task and finding a way to move it forward.

The promotion was a trap or a springboard for the company’s exit

Sometimes the climb is simply a trap. A position where we have seen different people leave since we are in the company. If we are not careful, we can be burned in little more than a year. If we do not want to see ourselves in this situation, it is best to lean on those who were our companions and have a leadership that shares responsibilities, although then the tugging of ears will fall on us.

On other occasions we access it to improve our curriculum . It is the exit door for another company that can give us access to a better salary or working conditions. But for this it is not even necessary to do a good job and the reality is that when it happens the team notices it. We have become part of the problem, not the solution.

Finally we have to be aware that we can also refuse promotion . For different reasons, either because for our professional career does not contribute much, because the responsibility that has been incorporated does not mean a salary jump to compensate, etc.